TBF Plus

Indicated for all kinds of pain and different diseases.

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Treatment with TBF Plus consists of the irradiation of an electromagnetic field of low intensity and variable frequency, which induces a resonance in organs and tissues, achieving a harmonization of organic functions.< br />
When an organ becomes ill, its own frequency is modified and its functions are not performed properly. The team's intervention, with its frequency sweep, restores the energy that the organ needs to function properly by absorbing the specific frequency that harmonizes it (bioresonance). The action in the organism is carried out without modifying homeostasis due to its low intensity. Low-frequency sweeping therapy produces a complex effect on the human body, since:

· It contributes to an improvement in metabolic energy.

· It increases lymphatic mobility .

· Increases blood circulation in the capillaries and as a consequence, produces an improvement in the nutrition of all body tissues.

· Eliminates the blockage of energy tissues, so it can eliminate pain.

· Improves ion exchange at cell levels, regulates intracellular pressure and contributes to the normalization of the entire metabolism.

Because the homeostatic energy information remains unchanged, this bioresonance therapy can be used in cancer patients.

When the frequencies radiated in the body induce a resonance phenomenon, it is because the organ or system needs that frequency and then the healing effect is produced in m oh little time. If there is no resonance, there is no healing effect either, so the equipment cannot cause any type of damage.

This therapy has been successfully tested in various pathologies such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, bronchial asthma, tinnitus , depressions, sexual impotence, regulation of the pituitary and ovaries, regulation of renal functions, angina, weakness of the heart muscle, prostatitis, regulation of the adrenal and sexual glands, lack of circulation, hypertension and other diseases.
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Video: TBF Plus. Sweeping Frequency Therapy.

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