Equipo radiónico de protección y manifestación.
  • Equipo radiónico de protección y manifestación.


Radionic protection equipment. Intention Amplifier.

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Your peace of mind is our insurance to continue evolving together.

The Etertrax1 is a radionic device that offers special protection against harmful entities and frequencies, while allowing you to amplify your intentions so that they can manifest and change the reality.

Scientist Gregg Braden explains that when thought (mind) and emotion (heart) come together, a feeling is generated. This feeling is the "language" that the divine matrix "understands" so that our intentions are fulfilled and our good wishes come true. The Etertrax1 is a tool, a vehicle for our feelings to anchor in that divine matrix and therefore they need a new level of consciousness to achieve the desired objective.

If in our daily practice of prayer or meditation we generate an emotion with an intention, it is very likely that it will be fulfilled or occur. This spiritual practice is part of the learning process of specialists who, uniting thought and emotion, generate a feeling to heal someone, to ask for peace, or the common good, etc. For this reason, the Etertrax1 serves as a practice to pray or meditate since its waves have the same "language" of that matrix of life where all possibilities are present and possible. This generates a connection between people, even if they are very distant from each other, which is why distance healing or communication between beings beyond time and space is possible.

Basically the equipment consists of a duly amplified frequency generator so that this signal comes out through a coil or winding with a quartz crystal core. This special coil generates a scalar wave due to the way it is built. Scalar waves form fields that are not attenuated and that have a very high affinity with the electromagnetic fields in the tissues of our organism. Quartz can be "programmed" with our feelings and intentions and in this way, the scalar field created by the equipment will amplify those intentions, directing them towards their realization.

In the United States, this type of equipment is used to eliminate the harmful effects of Chemtrails (chemical cloud pollution produced by aircraft turbines) and neutralize the waves of the HAARP program and any type of electronic surveillance, due to the action of the scalar field it generates, similar to orgone energy (Wilhelm Reich). The equipment consists of 2 parts: the generator (electronic equipment) and the coil with the quartz.

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