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Cada enfermedad está asociada a un desequilibrio biofísico-energético y la biorresonancia restablece ese equilibrio sin alterar los procesos naturales orgánicos. La biorresonancia no trata enfermedades, trata a las personas activando las fuerzas de autorregulación que permiten eliminar las toxinas y organismos patógenos. La meta final es la autocuración y no sólo la eliminación de los síntomas, como ocurre en otras terapias.

El Bioquantum Plus es un equipo electrónico profesional de tratamiento, que funciona con 2 tipos de ondas: sonoras y electromagnéticas. El equipo permite la aplicación de ambas terapias en forma independiente o en forma conjunta. El tratamiento con el Bioquantum Plus, consiste en la aplicación conjunta de un campo de frecuencias sonoras y en la irradiación de un campo electromagnético de baja intensidad y frecuencia variable, los cuales inducen una resonancia en órganos y tejidos, logrando una armonización de las funciones orgánicas.

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Each disease is associated with a biophysical-energetic imbalance and bioresonance restores that balance without altering natural organic processes. Bioresonance does not treat diseases, it treats people by activating the self-regulating forces that allow the elimination of toxins and pathogenic organisms. The ultimate goal is self-healing and not just the elimination of symptoms, as occurs in other therapies.

The Bioquantum Plus is a professional electronic treatment equipment that works with 2 types of waves: sound and electromagnetic. The equipment allows the application of both therapies independently or jointly. Treatment with Bioquantum Plus consists of the joint application of a field of sound frequencies and the irradiation of an electromagnetic field of low intensity and variable frequency, which induce a resonance in organs and tissues, achieving a harmonization of organic functions. .

Both frequency fields are completely different and independent from each other.
When an organ becomes ill, its work frequency is modified and its functions are not performed properly. The team's intervention, with its sweep of sound and electromagnetic frequencies, restores the energy that the organ needs to function properly by absorbing the specific frequency that harmonizes it (bioresonance). The action in the body is carried out without modifying cellular homeostasis due to its low intensity.

These frequency fields produce a complex effect on the human body, since:
• It contributes to an improvement in metabolic energy.
• It increases lymphatic mobility.
• Increases blood circulation in the capillaries and as a consequence, produces an improvement in the nutrition of all the tissues of the body.
• Eliminates the blockage of energy in the tissues, for which it can eliminate pain .
• Improves ion exchange at cell levels, regulates intracellular pressure and contributes to the normalization of the entire metabolism.

Because homeostatic energy information remains unchanged, this bioresonance therapy can be used in oncological patients.
When the frequencies radiated in the body induce a resonance phenomenon, it is because the organ or system needs that frequency and, therefore, the curative effect is produced in the body. very little time. If there is no resonance, there is no healing effect either, so the team cannot do any damage. Recent experiments show that the enzymes of cell membranes are capable of absorbing free energy from oscillating electric fields, converting it into chemical energy necessary for the production of ATP.

This therapy has been successfully tested in various pathologies such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, bronchial asthma, tinnitus, depression, sexual impotence, pituitary and ovarian regulation, renal function regulation, angina, heart muscle weakness, prostatitis , regulation of adrenal and sexual glands, lack of circulation, hypertension and other diseases.

- Internal power supply voltage: 12 VDC
- Charger power supply voltage: 220 V AC – 12 VAC
- Internal 12 V DC battery, 4 Ah.
- In TBF mode (electromagnetic wave radiation):
• Sinusoidal wave with a frequency of 15,000 Hz, with a sweep at +/- 300 Hz.
- In CK7 mode (sound radiation ):
• Upward mode: square wave sweep from 15 Hz to 3,000 Hz, with an amplitude of 18 V pap.
• Cyclic mode: square wave sweep from 15 Hz to 1,000 Hz and vice versa, with an amplitude of 18 V pap.
- 6 piezoelectric resonators with a diameter of 40 mm (CK7)
- Flat cable with 40 conductors, 50 cm long (TBF)
- Current consumption estimated at full power: 500 mA.
- Estimated usage time with charged battery, and at full power: 8 hours.

The equipment was tested at the UTN of the Province of Santa Fe, and as a result, it was verified that it emits electromagnetic induction well below the maximum limit recommended internationally.
Technical advice is provided for the installation, complete user manual and one year warranty.

See Measurement Reports of the Bioquantum. Source UTN Santa Fé, Argentina.

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