Generador de iones negativos
  • Generador de iones negativos


Environmental negative ion generator to purify the air.

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It is a device that generates negative charges (Ions) to the environment, thus restoring its natural balance. The feeling of relaxation and well-being that is perceived in the mountains, the forest or by the sea, corresponds to the presence of negative ions in the atmosphere. On the contrary, the feeling of being overwhelmed, heaviness, or drowsiness that is perceived in closed places or under adverse weather conditions, is caused by the deionization or excess of positive ions. These "sick" environments are usually rooms full of people, with air conditioning, little or no ventilation, or saturated with tobacco smoke.
The presence of negative ions in the environment is bactericidal, cleanses the atmosphere of pathogenic microorganisms, makes precipitate dust and pollen by electrostatic attraction and produces a feeling of relaxation and comfort that benefits everyone, especially people with allergies, asthma or lung disease.
This device generates the amount of negative ions per cm3 necessary to restore the load balance in a room of approximately 30 to 35 square meters.

We present the third part of the Conference given by Claudio Sadoly, during the PUNTA DEL ESTE INTERNATIONAL HOLISTIC EXPO 2013. This conference presents the characteristics of the equipment that Bioelectronic manufactures, its benefits and applications.< /p>

Part 3: Generation, Acuplus, Electrocalm, Colloidal Silver Equipment and Bio-relax1


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