Scalar Waves Accessory (Biogen Prog)

Biogen-Prog accessory that enhances its action through scalar fields.

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Lately, research has been carried out on the effect of scalar waves on the body, and they have been applied in different therapies. When two waves that are equal but opposite in phase meet, they can cancel each other out, but produce a so-called scalar field. The result is not exactly a cancellation of the signals but a transformation into scalar waves. This type of field was the one that Nikola Tesla investigated for years.

The heart generates a scalar electromagnetic field that has the characteristic of not presenting attenuation. Therefore, our emotions can be felt beyond the physical limits of our body and can be captured by other people, even at a distance (as in radionic equipment).

The scalar field has been shown to have a positive effect on biological tissues, as they are more in tune with the electromagnetic nature of the body. Our DNA helices, in all our cells, generate a coil that can produce scalar waves throughout our body, since these types of waves are created with helical coils in the shape of an "8".

The Biogen-Prog Scalar Waves Accessory converts the unit's output from 2 to 3 terminals. One terminal carries the signal to the left wrist while the second terminal carries the signal to the right hand, but 180° out of phase. The third terminal is placed on the feet or ankles. In this way, the first 2 signals are found in the central chest area of ​​the patient, generating a scalar field.

Research carried out with Rife equipment converted to scalar waves has given excellent results in all types of pathologies (Heart Math Institute, California and in clinics in Budapest, Hungary). The scalar wave accessory is only for the Biogen-Prog.

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