Brain harmonizer and stimulator
  • Brain harmonizer and stimulator

BioBrain 2

Harmonizer and brain stimulator with lights, colors and sound. (Confirm stock)

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Your peace of mind is our insurance to continue evolving together.

It has the same characteristics as the BioBrain, but works autonomously without the need for another device. The flashing lights of the glasses (with their red, green or blue colors) and the sounds specially recorded for each program, will make you reach states in which your brain will reach a high level of performance.

The BioBrain2 is supplied with flashing light glasses, a sound CD specially designed for each of the 20 specific programs and the respective power supply.

The sound programs have a technology that facilitates the synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres. This technology causes a tone of a certain frequency (for example 1000 Hz) to be heard in one of your ears and a tone of 992 Hz to be heard in the other. The difference of 8 Hz is not an audible sound, but the brain interprets that difference between both ears synchronizing the cerebral hemispheres with the corresponding light stimulation, which in this case would also be 8 Hz. In many of these programs, solfeggio healing frequencies are used.

This synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres is typical of a meditative state (mental clarity accompanied by a state of deep relaxation) in which both hemispheres work synchronously and harmoniously.

These programs include relaxation sessions, imagination induction, mental energizers, anti-stress, creativity inspiration, sleep induction, sexual awakening, childhood memory induction and balance of each of the chakras . It is provided with the necessary instructions for its application.

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