Fully programmable frequency generator with precision.
  • Fully programmable frequency generator with precision.

Biogen Prog

Programmable zapper for chronic diseases prot. Clark and Rife.

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The Biogen-Prog is a fully programmable biological frequency generator. It works by generating square waves whose frequencies coincide with the resonance frequency of the pathogen to be treated, be it a fungus, virus, bacteria or parasite. By programming and applying that specific resonance frequency, the treatment is more precise and accurate than traditional zappers.
You can work with Dr. Clark's therapy by programming the specific frequency for any of the 250 pathogens specified by them whether parasites, fungi, viruses or bacteria. In addition, in the same equipment, you have the possibility of treating any disease with the 10 frequencies investigated by Royal Rife. The Biogen-Prog allows you to program any of these almost 1200 diseases that appear in the manual, with their respective frequencies. Everything is included in the same device, without the need to change chips, cards, or extra elements. All the information is provided to the user or professional who will use the device.

● Fully programmable with up to one million frequencies.
● High precision in the generation of the frequency and of the square wave.
● Two therapies in the same equipment: Clark + Rife.
● Two types of application electrodes: copper tubes and/or self-adhesive electrodes.
● Fully automatic application cycles.
/>● Possibility of programming up to 10 different diseases. (Rife Therapy)
● Pre-programming of 18 most common diseases. (Clark therapy)
● Suitable for the direct user or the professional.
● Great versatility since it allows investigations to be carried out with different frequencies, and also to generate them for other different applications.
● Source of food included.
● Easy handling
● Online explanatory manual with all the frequency information for more than 250 pathogens (fungi, viruses, bacteria and parasites) from Dr. Clark, and more than 1200 diseases by Rife.

Claudio Sadoly Conference in Punta del Este (Uruguay)

We present the first part of the Conference given by Claudio Sadoly, during the PUNTA DEL ESTE INTERNATIONAL HOLISTIC EXPO 2013. This conference presents the characteristics of the equipment that Bioelectronic manufactures, its benefits and applications.

Part 1: Biogen2 and Biogen-Prog

Part 2: Biogen-Prog, BioBrain and Schumann equipment

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