Terms and conditions

The method of payment and delivery of our equipment can be chosen by our customers, among the options we offer.

In particular, we can attend to special situations according to the differential mode requirements.

Payment methods:

• Credit card in 1 payment, through the Mercado Pago platform. The client receives a link that directs him directly to the said platform in a safe and fast way. There you can choose the card of your convenience, the number of installments with the corresponding interest, if any, or the specific promotions of each issuing bank.
• Bank transfer to any of our accounts. The client receives the necessary data from said accounts to make the payment. This option has a 10% discount compared to the credit card modality.
• Payment through Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrencies, after consulting the prices.
Shipping methods:
• Discounted shipments by Correo Argentino throughout the country. Once the payment has been made and the respective receipt has been received, the paid product or products are dispatched.
• Shipments by freight transport, to be agreed upon. This option is not discounted and payment is made on arrival.
• The equipment shipped travels at the buyer's expense and risk. Once Bioelectronic dispatches the merchandise by whatever means and sends the corresponding receipt to the buyer, our company will not be responsible for loss, theft, theft, breakage, or any inconvenience that may arise with the package sent.